10 Things that will Improve in Your Life when you Dress Well

Look at these images – Are these people successful?

We can’t even see their faces and we know nothing about them, yet we automatically assume they are successful. Why? Because they are ‘power’ dressing – perception is everything. Like it or not we are judged on how we look. So think about the impression you want to make with your clothing choices.

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What is a Master Tailor?

I have been in tailoring for over 24 years. I realised I had a skill for sewing at fashion college, I was the only boy in my class, all the girls noticed I had a talent for it so would ask me to help them! I excelled there and started my apprenticeship at just 17 with master tailor David Chambers, local to my home in Hertfordshire. David, who had been trained on Savile Row himself, taught me all the skills I needed to make a suit by hand.

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