A pocket full of History

On my quest to make my new range quintessentially British I have come across a contemporary fabric designer based in Nottingham. We met on Savile Row a while back and something instinctively told me to keep hold of her contact details.

Dorota Stumpf is quirky and individual. Even her name is so unique. She can visualise art in almost everything. I couldn’t have picked a more interesting person to collaborate with on my new pocket square collection.

The design concept in Dorota’s words:

I did some extensive research last year on old Georgian and Victorian plaster ceilings in the great houses of Britain and I had access to some ancient disintegrating pattern books. I have the beginnings of wonderful contemporary geometric interlocking design which I began developing back in 2016 … and I think would work fantastically as an alternative to dog tooth. The design is elegant … from the age of elegance and carries a fantastic story with historical provenance.

Dorota Stumpf

Pattern planning and design inspirations


She understood my brief right from the start! Elegance is the exact word I would use to describe what I am trying to create with my collection. It’s important for me to collaborate with people who truly comprehend the meaning of this. As a Master Tailor aesthetics are so key to me. Everything I put my name to must be refined and timeless, There is fashion and then there’s style. The two aren’t the same.

I believe the ‘interest’ to an outfit should come in a subtler form like a pocket square. It has a smaller surface area and is less intrusive. Hence why I desired something different and artistic.

Dorota takes inspiration from original architecture. I love the history and research that goes into her work and how she conceptualises her designs. I want everything I choose to have some meaning, aside from being just visually pleasing – to have its own narrative linking back to my  craft and it’s traditions.

Translating patterns into wearable designs


Dorota’s work is influenced by the revitalisation of British Heritage, using modern textiles. She takes a contemporary twist on traditional patterns and produces luxury silk pocket squares celebrating iconic British architecture and British engineering genius.


Each piece has its own inspiration and carries a story with a compassion for British design and its eccentricities. All her work is made exclusively in very small numbers.

You can’t get more authentic and typically British than Georgian and Victorian architecture. So why wear a regular square of fabric when you could place a bit of history in your pocket instead. I can’t wait to show you all the finished ‘art-icals’!


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