Top 10 Gifts for the perfect Gent

If your struggling to know what to buy for the guy who seemingly has everything, here’s some gift inspiration to steer you in the right direction.

1. Whiskey decanters

Not just your average sets though. I would pick something with leather or go for a unique book decanter to sit perfectly on your office shelf, undetected. Ebay have some unusual vintage options.

2. Brass stag head

It might seem stereotypical but you can introduce this to the home or office interior without having to hang a large imposing head on the wall. Here’s some ideas to subtly decorate with this theme.

Even better, combine the decanter idea :’s-head-4476.htm

3. Personalised accessory box 

For storing cufflinks and watches. Choose from vintage leather or a dark wood variety. Online store ‘Not on the High Street’ have a good selection.

4. Shooting lessons

You can book an hours session at a gun club for around £70.

Or if your gent is already an accomplished marksman you could invest in a bespoke shooting vest for him instead (a bit more expensive but he will appreciate it!)

5. Gents luxury hamper

There are lots of companies who do this – ‘night in for him’ is a great idea and includes cheese and wine.

6. Stay at the Merchant hotel Belfast

Belfast may not seem like the first choice destination when booking a weekend away but don’t rule it out. Most people think Dublin when you mention Ireland but Northern Ireland has so much to offer. Think game of thrones and your halfway there, the scenery is breathtaking.  It’s full of culture and lots to do. The people are friendly and I personally think it’s a hidden gem.

The Merchant is an old bank that has been renovated into a 5 star hotel in the City centre. A nights stay could set you back around £300 for a good room but there are plenty of offers available if you book early – it’s well worth it.

7.  Hire a Classic car for a day

We’d all love to drive a classic but very few of us actually own one. Plus it’s a good way of determining whether it’s the right choice  for you as they have gone up so much in value to purchase. A gift voucher for the car enthusiast makes a perfect present.

8. Creed aftershave 

A high end product that you can only buy in luxury department stores with prices starting from £105 for 30ml.

As an added bonus you can also have the bottle personalised.

9. Fancy Spirits 

Specialists like Tomoka boutiques in Hertfordshire provide your favourite tipples but in limited editions and more unusual bottle types than you can buy on the normal high street.
I especially love this bottle of vintage plantation rum produced exclusively for Tomoka.

You can also book tasting sessions starting from only £15 too if your unsure which bottle to choose and make it into a learning experience.

10. Vintage Champers

And finally, if you haven’t got the time, you can never go wrong with a good old bottle of vintage DP. Even if you don’t drink Champagne it’s a great one to have on display in your wine fridge.

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