Hang on to your Hat

Hats are a great way to vamp up an outfit, cover a bad hair day or simply shade the sun from your eyes.

There is no age restriction (other than bobble or beanie). It’s the one item that you can wear effortlessly all through your life, whether your 15 or 50 if you pick the right style.

A good hat can be worn with most outfits and look timeless.

The history of hats: Headwear was used to protect from the elements and prevent injury from falling rocks, weapons or masonry. Later they became symbols of status or authority. In the Middle Ages, hats were an indication of social status and used to single out certain groups. The term ‘milliner’ comes from the Italian city of Milan, where the best quality hats were made in the 18th century. (Wikipedia)

A hat is the most noticeable item anyone can wear because it draws attention to the face.’If you want to get ahead and get noticed, get a hat’. The word ‘ahead’ means literally a ‘head’ forward (brim of hat) which is how this saying came about.

The tradition of wearing hats to horse racing events began in GB at Royal Ascot, which maintains a strict dress code. All guests in the Royal Enclosure must wear hats, this tradition is still in force now.

Throughout time hats have progressed to become not only a uniform, but also a fashion statement.

So what kind of hats still look good today? In my opinion there are only a few you can actually wear daily without looking like your in a fancy dress costume.

Wardrobe essentials include:

Flat cap – tweed, corduroy or wool look good. There are some great British made bespoke versions available. Visit Kempadoo as worn by Idris Elba below. They also have a nice ready wear range available.

Idris Elba 2015
grey herringbone £65


Panama – A summer favourite. It would be very stereotypical to go for the ‘man from del monte’ white. I personally prefer beige or brown. White is very obvious and looks like your trying too hard. Lock Hatters do a nice range:

New wave panama £189


Fedora – Think Safari style and Carey Grant rather than Indiana Jones. Black and brown both look great and will go with everything. It’s a true classic which can still look smooth today with most tailoring:

David Gandy


Christys £99.95


Baseball cap – for something a bit different buy a waxed material for added interest over your bog standard cap. Barbour have nailed this and it comes in 6 different colours:

Barbour £26.95


Not everyone has the guts to pull these looks off but whatever you choose to wear, do it with pride. Hold your head (and your hat) high!

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