How To Look Good Instantly

My top 10 tips for a quick fix:

  1. Buy yourself a decent hat – keep it on standby for bad hair days (or any day you fancy really). If you don’t have time to tame the tresses after your gym session, a hat hides a multitude of sins.  (Check out next weeks article for my best hat buying tips)
  2. Invest in a great pair of sunglasses – disguise a hangover or sleepless night easily by whacking on the sunnies so no one will even know.
  3. Feeling a bit pale? – A moisturiser with a tint will perk up sallow skin instantly. (Men try something with a matt finish like Clinique for men face bronzer – want a lighter finish , mix it with your normal moisturiser to give just a hint of colour).
  4. A Tailored overcoat – Adds a touch of finesse to any outfit. Don’t be scared to pay a little more for something bespoke as it will last you a long time and looks great with jeans or a suit. A classic piece of clothing.
  5. Exfoliate – If you haven’t got any handy reach for the bicarbonate of soda, mix with water and apply to face for when your skin needs a boost. Use like a scrub and wash it off to give an instant glow. Great for removing black heads and can also be used with your toothpaste to brighten your teeth!
  6. Drink more water – sounds obvious but doing this daily will help diminish fine lines and bags. The result may not be visible immediately  but it will give your body the instant rehydration it needs on the inside which will also help break down belly fat. For an added boost drink a glass first thing every morning with lemon to kick start your metabolism.
  7. Tidy your appearance up – A quick facial groom (don’t forget ear and nose hair) or a change in hair style can completely transform your look.
  8. Dress smarter – There’s a reason why women like a man in a tailored suit! Make sure your clothing fits well to enhance your physique. A jacket too big or too small will only make you look even bigger!!
  9. Smile more – Feeling happier improves everything, including the kind of people you attract into your life. You cant make a positive impact with a negative attitude and it takes more muscles to frown. A smile can change your mood instantly and encourage a feel good factor.
  10. Spray on your favorite cologne. It wont change your actual appearance but it will certainly arouse your senses and make you feel good. Feeling good is halfway towards looking it!








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