5 of the Best ‘Man’ Bags

Tips on buying a weekend bag:
My advice would be to invest in leather over any other material. It looks great, lasts a long time, cleans easily and goes with literally anything. Avoid a satchel, unless you’re 10 and still at school!

A stylish bag is a great accessory if you get it right. Also handy for business meetings, storing your laptop or files and carrying your gym gear around. Briefcases are long gone in my view, they are so stereotypically 1980s. I would budget at least a few hundred pounds to ensure you get something decent.
I have scoured the shops and picked out my 5 favourites for you:

1. John Lewis leather barrel bag £189


2. Woodland leather brown mahogany holdall £240


3. Crafted Italian leather hold-all -Not on the high street £255


4.  House of Andina Eduardo leather weekender bag £180


5. Woodland leather black holdall £159.99


For a canvas choice that’s a bit of fun if you don’t fancy all leather:

MAHI leather Canvas weekend bag -£72.50


Looking for a cheaper leather alternative under £150 visit :





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